Info Taïssia Visser

My name is Taïssia, and I am a sustainable product and material designer. In 2020, I graduated from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and obtained a BA in Industrial Product Design. Currently I am following a masters Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven where I specialize in the development of sustainable materials and DIY installations. My passion for sustainable design derived from the many climbing and mountaineering trips I have been on since I was a child. Spending my summers in the alps I have realized for a long time the fragility of the natural environment. This drives the choices I make as a designer. 

The materials we use serve as fundamental building blocks for our society. For me, they represent a critical focus for effecting sustainable change. Within this realm, reimagining materials and production processes is central to my understanding of sustainable design. My work resides in the pursuit of innovative local material alternatives and entails exploring their limitations and opportunities. I combine novel material compositions, derived from renewable or recycled sources, creatively with self-invented processing techniques to unleash their potential. 

In its essence, my designs constitute a multifaced endeavour encompassing material and production innovations. Through transcending the conventional paradigms and embracing eco-conscious practices I aim to catalyse transformative change towards more sustainable material development.  

Recognizing that individual actions are pivotal for driving collective change, I am highly motivated to engage in projects that foster my own sustainable practice and invite others to make environmental conscious choices too.